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Unity - VMware vSphere Integration and Awareness (Hands-on Lab) Explore the new EMC Unity platform and learn about its VMware vSphere integration including vStorage API for Array Integration (VAAI) to offload functions to the storage array and vStorage API for Storage Awareness (VASA) which adds storage visibility in to vCenter. Users will also see Unisphere with VM-aware capabilities and learn about configuring Virtual Volumes (VVols) in this lab.  1 Hour Hands-on Labs
CloudArray & Deduplication (Hands-on Lab) This lab will demonstrate the configuration and use of CloudArray for providing a clear gateway to cloud storage through common SAN and NAS storage interfaces. Included will be particular focus on CloudArray's new deduplication functionality. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
20x Faster Protection Directly From XtremIO To Data Domain (Hands-on Lab) This lab will demonstrate how protection of a SQL Environment provisioned on XtremIO can be done entirely without any resource burden and up to 20x faster. Through orchestration in Microsoft SQL students will leverage EMC ProtectPoint assuring that critical business data is protected without impact to production database IOps. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Splunk: Let’s Blow The Doors Off Service Intelligence Modernize your IT Operations with Splunk Enterprise.  See how Splunk and IT Service Intelligence use big data analytics and machine-learning to gain unprecedented operational insight and value from your machine data.  Learn about free Splunk apps that monitor and report on EMC products in your environment. 1 Hour Lecture
DSSD D5 Rack-Scale Flash Demo (Hands-on Lab) Log into a D5 client system to explore how the D5's Object Store can be utilized for your high performance application needs. Review the management tools and understand how the DSSD D5 Rack-Scale Flash Appliance delivers game changing IOPS, bandwidth and low latency to your applications. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Fraud Detection With The Pivotal Big Data Suite (Hands-on Lab) Processing both Big and Fast data is important in today’s business application architectures. This lab combines the  speed of the Gemfire in-memory data grid software with the scale and analytics processing power of the Greenplum database in an example application that demonstrates a credit card fraud detection application.   1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Modern Copy Data Management with VMAX3 and Data Domain This lab will introduce a brand new offering called EMC Enterprise Copy Data Management. Specifically you will learn how to use eCDM to create protection plans – including the ability to non-disruptively discover copy data across the enterprise.  You will also experience how to monitor and manage protection compliance against these plans – including configuring for a ProtectPoint backup.  Finally, you will see how to gain direct access to copies for seamless re-use. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Capgemini: SAP HANA Transformation: Cloud Advantage Capgemini partners with Virtustream and the EMC Federation to provide end-to-end SAP HANA services leveraging the advantages of cloud.   20 Minutes World Chat
Atos: Best Practices From The Largest SAP HANA Deployment Worldwide For one of its largest customers, Siemens, Atos is delivering a complex SAP HANA end-to-end transition for Siemens’ Digital Transformation backbone. Migrating almost 200 SAP systems in Europe, US, China & Singapore and supporting 100k+ business users makes this the largest SAP HANA deployment worldwide. Deep-dive into this innovative solution powered by Atos bullion SAP HANA and EMC VNX infrastructure. 1 Hour Lecture
CSC: Delivering Next Generation As A Service Hybrid Workplace Infrastructures Hear how CSC leverages EMC’s latest compute and storage technologies to deliver hybrid-cloud End-User Computing for collaboration, communication and mobility with seamless integration of multiple private and public cloud offerings. Enable your clients in finance, healthcare, defense and government to realize the benefits of lower-cost and agility while meeting stringent security, compliance and governance requirements. 20 Minutes World Chat
Primary Data: How Data Virtualization Unites File, Block & Object Storage In A Single Data Lake Discover how data can be automatically placed on the EMC storage platform that best meets evolving objectives without application disruption through software-defined data virtualization. Through a global dataspace, data virtualization integrates different EMC storage systems into a single Data Lake, while objective-based management gives IT unprecedented control over automated management of application performance, protection and price requirements. 20 Minutes World Chat
EMC Storage With The Virtustream Storage Cloud Attend this session to gain a better understanding of how EMC storage technologies integrate with Virtustream Storage Cloud. Interact with EMC storage experts, as well as the cloud experts who built the hyper-scale Virtustream Storage Cloud.   1 Hour Birds-of-a-Feather
Mongo DB: MongoDB, Building On The Best Of Relational With The Innovations of NoSQL By offering the best of traditional databases as well as the flexibility, scale and performance today’s applications require, MongoDB lets innovators deploy applications as big as they can possibly dream. From startups to enterprises, for the modern and the mission-critical, MongoDB is the database for giant ideas. Attend this session to learn more about this disruptive database technology taking all industries by storm. MongoDB is also a key partner of EMC.  20 Minutes World Chat
Rackspace: Making Sense of Storage Performance Rackspace has many years of experience of building datacenters and getting the most out of the storage resources that drive our services. Come see Doug Denny, host of Rackspace’s Deep Dive Series, share some of our observations and recommendations about how we use EMC technology to diversify your storage portfolio and harness its speed and agility to meet your organization's needs. Topics will include spinning disk, hybrid and All-Flash. He’ll also talk about how much you could save in storage, management, and protection costs by improving your storage operations, and how to do all this while improving your raw storage performance. 20 Minutes World Chat
A Shot of White Lightning – VMAX All Flash (Hands-on Lab) This is a brief lab that allows the user to provision storage on a VMAX All Flash array.  Only available in the vLab Experience Lobby at the VMAX Hub! 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Virtual Instruments: Eliminating Risky Business In IT Transformation EMC is helping IT practitioners and business decision makers modernize, automate and transform. Virtual Instruments and Load DynamiX recently merged to provide EMC customers with a comprehensive view of their infrastructure, and to proactively avoid performance problems, optimize utilization and align storage deployment decisions to workload performance requirements. Learn how IT leaders architect for success. 1 Hour Lecture
Brocade: Transforming The Data Center: Optimizing The FC Network For Flash Storage Legacy networks will bottleneck performance and impact the availability of the all-flash data center. EMC and Brocade are transforming storage connectivity with integrated network instrumentation, automation, and management. Innovation in Fibre Channel is a key to unlocking the full potential next-generation storage technologies. 1 Hour Lecture
How Much Automation Do You Trust? A lively conversation about the need for greater automation as you evolve and scale your data center beyond mere virtualized servers to a true, dynamic hybrid cloud environment on converged/hyper-converged infrastructure – and what it means for IT professionals like you. 1 Hour Birds-of-a-Feather
MyService360: New Personalized Dashboard To Revolutionize Your Service Experience Powered by EMC’s Big Data Lake and predictive analytics, MyService360 enables you to access a wealth of information about your service environment including health and risk scoring, global install base visualizations, analysis of code level status, capacity alerts by product family, service activity views by site, connectivity status and much more. Come and see how we've tapped into Big Data to revolutionize your experience with EMC’s products and services! 1 Hour Birds-of-a-Feather
Microservices Minus The Hype: How To Build & Why In this session, the presenter strips away the hype and speak frankly of the upsides & downsides of adopting a microservices architecture and why, with certain exceptions, the pros far outweigh the cons. Topics include Domain Driven Design & bounded contexts, increasing quality & velocity, horizontal vs. vertical scaling, portability, & more. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration Mark Heckler<br/>
I Am DevOps And So Can You Patrick became a sysadmin because failing programming at University. Imagine his surprise a decade and a half later to discover he had become a coder. Instead of coding software Patrick was coding infrastructure. Infrastructure that was more resilient, had better RTO and RPO and best of all reduced change induced paging after hours to practically zero. Learn how Patrick overcame his own belief that he was not a coder, learnt new languages and discovered a whole new world of IT and had fun on the way. 1 Hour Lecture Patrick Kelso<br/>
Running Stateful Services On Cloud Native Platforms With Mesos Many of today's PaaS systems are focused on stateless applications, scaling them from 1 to infinity and automatically rescheduling them when something goes wrong. But what about the data they create? How can we create scalable data persistence backends for our services to make sure our stored data is highly available? This session demonstrates stateless applications running on PaaS systems, connecting to data persistence layers like relational and NoSQL databases, all running on Mesos and all stored on highly available distributed storage platforms. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration Jonas Rosland<br/>
Introduction To The Docker Platform History is repeating itself with disruptive software infrastructure platforms taking over in the data center.&nbsp; This session covers the Docker platform, reviewing each Docker project focused on incremental innovation and providing developers and operations the ability to run, deploy, manage and monitor containers. Learn all about Docker Engine, Machine, Compose, Swarm, Hub, Trusted Registry and more! Demos of each product will be provided as well as how each tie into EMC II technology. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration Kendrick Coleman<br/>
Extending Mesos For Storage & External Resource Mesos and Mesosphere are popular platforms for managing the consumption of data center resources and workloads. Recent enhancements to Mesos extend its management scope to go beyond resources supplied by individual cluster nodes. For example, Mesos can manage external storage from a platform such as ScaleIO. Stop by and learn about the data center of the future running Mesos. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration Steve Wong<br/>
Introduction To Immutable Infrastructure No more artisanally hand-crafted infrastructures! Ban snowflake servers! Immutable means &quot;unchanging over time or unable to be changed,&quot; which is great if you work in operations. Stable and predictable, but of course you will have to make changes every now and then. How do you handle changes to your infrastructure without impacting reliability, and how can you make sure the task is properly propagated over every part of the infrastructure that needs it? Handling immutable infrastructures has become much easier with modern tools. In this session we will show live demos of Vagrant, Terraform and Ansible. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration Jonas Rosland<br/>
IsilonSD Edge Installation & Configuration (Hands-on Lab) OneFS 8.0 introduces software-defined Isilon clustering. The lab uses IsilonSD Edge to create a management server and simply deploy a virtual OneFS cluster. SyncIQ core to edge replication is also configured. The lab shows the architecture and features of a software-defined OneFS environment, and demonstrates the virtual cluster has the same functionality and administration as a physical OneFS cluster. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Isilon OneFS CloudPools: Configuration & Tiering To ECS (Hands-on Lab) EMC Isilon OneFS' CloudPools feature extends the OneFS namespace into the cloud. It helps enterprises tier infrequently accessed data to public or private clouds, thereby helping free up the space on the Isilon cluster for active data. This lab dives deep into the configuration and working of CloudPools with ECS as the target.&nbsp; 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Addressing Business Challenges with Cloud-based Energy Industry Solutions Rapidly changing business requirements create nightmares for IT organizations. In this session, Toshiba America Energy Systems will discuss their challenges of shifting business priorities, regulatory compliance requirements, limited budget and IT resources, and tight timelines. Toshiba will share their experiences, as they were able to leverage a cloud-based SaaS solution, EMC Documentum Capital Projects Express, to not only address near-term project requirements but also establish a platform for addressing future projects. Learn about how they were able to satisfy security concerns, configure the industry solution to meet Toshiba’s standards, and rapidly deploy the solution to deliver value to the business. 1 Hour Lecture
Captiva, xCP & Document Sciences Hands On Labs Be sure to stop by to get hands on access to xCP, Captiva and/or Document Sciences.&nbsp; We will be offering both individual scenarios for each of these products, as well as a combined scenario that provides you the ability to experience first-hand how these products complement each other.&nbsp; Each lab offers various skill levels to ensure you have full control of your hands on lab experience. 1 Hour Lecture Stacie Barrera<br/>Gino Vicari<br/>Nicholas King<br/>Gareth Hutchins<br/>
EMC Unity Continuous Simplicity Workshop Our product experts will take you on a quick tour of Unity and then ask – how do you define simple? What lessons can we take from past deployments of VNX and VNXe and bring them into the future? What capabilities do you find most beneficial in other products in the market? Put on your thinking caps for this fun, interactive session. 1 Hour Birds-of-a-Feather
Global Partner Summit: EMEA Partner Breakout During this EMEA-focused partner breakout session, Philippe Fossé and Adrian McDonald will provide a perspective on the regional business drivers and market challenges. They will also demonstrate how partners are defining a path forward to embrace the Digital Transformation and capture/maximize the cloud-based services evolution.&nbsp; 2 Hours Lecture
Flatirons Solutions Find out How IT Leaders Are Transforming Their Business in 2016 - Take the Power of xCP and Captiva to Your Accounts Payable Department Join Flatirons, leading provider of content lifecycle management solutions, to discuss your business transformation challenges and gain practical advice on how to accelerate your digital agenda.&nbsp; This session is for IT and finance leaders who are looking for ways to digitize and automate their AP systems in order to process high volumes of invoices, improve cash management, decrease exceptions that block payments, reduce invoice processing costs and errors, and enhance cash flow visibility. You’ll walk away with concrete examples of how to move toward best-in-class AP practices and practical ways to get started. 1 Hour Lecture
Top 10 Tips & Tricks To Rock Your XtremIO World Learn the top 10 things to get the most out of your XtremIO system. Our panel of technical experts will share best practices of configuration, operation and management, and will provide insights into your specific questions during a live ‘Ask-The-Expert’ session. 1 Hour Birds-of-a-Feather
Best Practices For Deploying Mission-Critical Applications In Enterprise-Class Clouds Attend this session to discuss the best practices for moving mission-critical applications to enterprise-class clouds with the technical experts from Virtustream. Interact with the people who built the application management platform for sophisticated applications such as SAP so enterprises could realize the benefits of cloud. 1 Hour Birds-of-a-Feather
Financial Services and Insurance ECM Meet up - faciliated by Doculabs This session will be lead by James Watson, CEO of Doculabs, to discuss with some banking and insurance customers what is happening today and the needs of tomorrow in the act of making money with money.&nbsp; Better and more thoughtful customer engagement, better automated risk mitigation and doing all this with the same level of resourcing.&nbsp; Powerpoint is only used as needed – this is all about like minds sharing how to solve problems. 1 Hour Lecture
Composable Infrastructure: The Future Of Management & Orchestration Understanding what is needed to enable transformation of the Modern Data Center is an essential part of where EMC’s Office of the CTO is focused. During this session we analyze technologies and how Hardware M&O is enabling customers time to delivery. We also discuss future possibilities such as automated composition of infrastructure based on the needs of the application. 1 Hour Lecture Brad Maltz<br/>
The New Data Pipeline The data center continues to benefit exponentially through innovations in flash media and the systems that consume them.&nbsp; New technologies such as 3D CrossPoint and beyond are coming with promises to enable the next phase of product innovation and unleash additional business value. &nbsp;Join EMC’s Office of the CTO as they inspect the evolving flash technology landscape and how the data center will harness its power. 1 Hour Lecture Danny Cobb<br/>
Delivering Systems Of Record In The Hybrid Cloud Enterprises today are looking for flexibility, scalability and reduced costs when migrating their legacy and mission critical applications to the cloud, but many are still under-utilizing cloud platform offerings. This session discusses how to take full advantage of rapidly growing cloud technologies to deploy trusted application environments with assured SLAs, and integrated multi-level security and encryption that comply with industry and government regulations. 1 Hour Lecture Michael Hoch<br/>
Modern Data Analytics Analytics are entering new highs in 2016.&nbsp; Analytics at Rest like Hadoop with Spark and other Big Data Analytics technologies are still blossoming.&nbsp; Analytics in Motion like Splunk, Hortonworks Data Flow, StreamSets, Spark and others are exploding with a meteoric pace. This session discusses how the world is modernizing analytics with the help of technology and moving by leaps and bounds. 1 Hour Lecture Cory Minton<br/>
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) Software Only Avatar Brings Public Cloud Agility To Your Datacenter The adoption of the public cloud storage is driven, in large part by the ability to expand capacity in response to increased demand. On the other hand, traditional storage appliances suffer from a problem of perennial over- or under-provisioning. What if you could combine the security and data-residency benefits of your own datacenter with the agility of the public cloud? EMC ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage) can help you do just that, thanks to its software defined storage (SDS) capabilities. Need another petabyte provisioned right away? You can scale up (or down) by simply pointing ECS at standard hardware that you already own. Come to this session to learn how. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration Akram Hassan<br/>
Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud: What's New? Heard about our Engineered Solutions for Cloud? Need to understand more about the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution? Join us for a deep dive on the current set of solution features and functionality. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration Jonathan Cyr<br/>
Unity Virtual Storage Appliance Technical Review The UnityVSA is a virtual storage appliance that delivers unified block, file, and vVOL's data services (the same code that runs Unity physical appliances) atop standard VMware ESX servers. The UnityVSA can be used in situations where additional buying a secondary Unity hardware appliance is cost or space-prohibitive and provides a great hands-on learning opportunity. Find out how you can use UnityVSA in your environment for a number of use cases including: test/dev, ROBO and departmental enterprise. 1 Hour Lecture Wai Yim<br/>
Cloud Considerations For Application Modernization This session discusses various application architectures, their key characteristics and benefits, why you should consider re-platforming as part of your application modernization journey, and how to ensure the successful adoption of devops processes within your IT and development groups. In addition, this session also looks at several customer case studies that highlight their challenges and how they overcame them to accomplish their goals. 1 Hour Lecture Damian Karlson<br/>Chris Cicotte<br/>
Isilon: Maximizing Performance For Your Cluster Come see Isilon's performance experts demystify some of the more esoteric performance features of OneFS, including read and write caching, read prefetch and the L3 cache. Attendees also get a sneak peek at some of the new performance features currently under development for OneFS. &nbsp; 1 Hour Lecture Kip Cranford<br/>
Understanding The Basics Of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Hyper-converged is one of the hottest topics in the data center.&nbsp;This session explains the core components of a software-defined data center and how hyper-converged systems differ from traditional architectures. The VCE team also explains how VCE's portfolio of Racks and Appliances offers multiple options for deploying hyper-converged solutions in the core data center as well as distributed environments. 1 Hour Lecture Alan White<br/>
Automating DR For Networking & Security With NSX & SRM Traditional approaches to Disaster Recovery are complex, expensive and unreliable which require mimicking and synchronizing the physical infrastructure between the sites in order to recover applications. In this session we will outline SDDC based approach to disaster recovery using NSX and SRM. Software Defined approach to Disaster recovery completely decouples the underlying infrastructure from DR planning thereby improving RPO/RTO and allowing API based run book automation without the cost and complexity of traditional approach. NSX and SRM integration revolutionizes the DR by integrating Compute, Storage and Networking in a VMware software stack, providing first ever fully integrated Disaster Recovery solution. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration John Whitman<br/>
DSSD Ask The Founders Panel: Hear From The Team That Envisioned & Built DSSD D5 An informal discussion with DSSD founders Mike Shapiro and Jeff Bonwick, along with Kam Eshghi, DSSD Director of Strategic Planning & Technology Alliances, on the state of data and performance centric storage (past, present and future) and the numerous innovations that enable DSSD D5’s unmatched performance (simplified data path for reduced latency; Cubic RAID; Flash media management advances, and more). 1 Hour Lecture Kam Eshghi<br/>
VMAX: What’s New In Hypermax/Enginuity 5977 This session introduces the latest HYPERMAX (Enginuity) OS 5977 for VMAX All Flash as well as hybrid arrays, describing architectural changes (including the Dynamic Virtual Matrix and Hypervisor/Container capabilities) that make VMAX the platform of choice for ultimate scale and functionality. 1 Hour Lecture Stephen Ives<br/>
Unity: Multi-Dimensional Flash Flexibility This session discusses the flash considerations for Unity and what is coming next. You will find out whether an all flash array or a hybrid approach may work for you in the first half of the session. The second half of the session walks you through a methodology by which you can work out the optimal composition of your storage pool. 1 Hour Lecture Keith Snell<br/>
IoT@EMC: Using The Internet Of Things As A Digital Transformation Catalyst This session separates the hype from facts with regard to the Internet of Things (IoT), uncover what's truly &quot;new,&quot; and show you what an IoT Architecture looks like. Put simply, learn how you can begin to drive digital business adoption today by leveraging IoT and the Industrial Internet as the underlying engine of transformation for your business. 1 Hour Lecture Said Tabet,<br/>
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